05 notes on the business of G1 video games under Vietnamese law (Part 1)

Regulations on G1 game in Vietnam

With the rapid development of technology and the widespread use of the internet, video games are not just a form of entertainment but also a potential business sector, generating enormous revenue for developers and distributors. In Vietnam, the video game market is witnessing an explosion with millions of players, from children to adults.

In this article, BLawyers Vietnam will delve into the analysis of the current legal framework in Vietnam regarding the business of G1 video games. According to Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP, G1 is the video games that have interaction among multiple players via the game server.

1. Conditions for providing G1 game services by Vietnamese enterprises

An enterprise can provide G1 video game services when it meets the following two important conditions:

(i) First, the enterprise must have a License to provide video game services.

(ii) Second, the game content must be approved by the Ministry of Information and Communications through an official decision.

Compliance with both conditions is mandatory to ensure that the G1 video game business operates legally and in accordance with the law.

2. Conditions for obtaining a license to provide G1 video game services

The License to provide video game services shall be issued to enterprises when the conditions below are satisfied:

(i) It must be a business established in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, with the business line of providing online gaming services already posted on the National Business Registration Portal of the enterprise.

(ii) It must have registered domain names used to provide the services;

(iii) It must have adequate financial, and technical resources as well as personnel capabilities appropriate to the scale of operations and in accordance with the following regulations:

    1. Having a headquarters with a clear and reachable address and contact phone number;
    2. Having at least one staff member responsible for managing video games;
    3. The system equipment or devices for providing video game must meet the following conditions:
      • Capable of storing and updating information of players fully, including: Full name; date of birth; permanent residence address; ID or passport number, date of issue, place of issue; phone number and email (if any). If a player’s age is under 14 years and he/she has not obtained an ID or passport card, his/her legal guardian’s personal information shall be registered and deemed as permission and the guardian shall take responsibility for such registration;
      • The payment system for these video games must be located in Vietnam and connected with enterprises with payment supporting services in Vietnam, ensuring accurate and sufficient updates and storage, and enabling players to search details of their payment accounts;
      • Manage the playing time of player from 0:00 to 24:00, ensuring the total playing time of G1 video games provided for a player aged under 18 will not exceed 180 minutes within 24 hours per day;
      • Continuously displaying the video game age classification results for all games provided by the business when introducing and advertising games, and providing a games online service; including the warning “Over 180-minute gaming a day will badly harm your health” at a noticeable position in the forum of the game and on the device display throughout play.
    4. Having technical and professional measures for managing the content of game forums (if any), in compliance with regulations on information management for social networks;
    5. Having equipment and connection backup plan and a database backup plan in place to maintain safety when any breakdown to the system occurs;
    6. Having a plan to ensure safety, information security and confidentiality of personal information of players.

(iv) Measures are taken to ensure information safety and information security.

Of note: The validity period of the License to provide video game services for G1 video games depends on the request of the enterprise and shall not exceed 10 years.

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Date: 03 July 2024

Writer: Thanh Huynh


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