05 notes on the business of G1 video games under Vietnamese law (Part 2)

Regulations on G1 game in Vietnam

In the first part of this article, BLawyers Vietnam introduced the conditions for providing G1 games and the conditions for obtaining a G1 game license. In this second part, BLawyers Vietnam will introduce information about the application dossier for the G1 electronic game license, the conditions, and the dossier for approving the contents and scripts of G1 video games in Vietnam.

3. Application for license to provide G1 video game services

To be granted a License to provide G1 video game services, the enterprise must prepare a complete application dossier that meets strict legal and technical regulations, including the following documents:

  1. An application form for licensing (standard template);
  2. A valid copy, including copy extracted from the master register or certified true copy or a copy enclosed with the original of certificate of business registration (or a valid copy of other valid certificate or equivalent license issued before the date of entry into force of the Law on Investment 2014 and the Law on Enterprise 2014);
  3. A scheme for providing video games G1, containing:
    1. A plan for rendering services and financial situation, personnel and technical aspects that meet the conditions mentioned in Section 2 of Part 1;
    2. Equipment system general layout, equipment system locations;
    3. Equipment system details, including the main part and the backup part: name, functions, expected configuration of each equipment;
    4. Details about methods and scope of service supply; plans for connection to Internet and telecommunications network (enterprise’s name, domain name, IP address, connection channel capacity, gaming distribution channel);
    5. Details about gaming payment system and plan for connection to payment service providers in Vietnam (name, connection methods, rights and responsibilities of parties);
    6. Plan for assurance of service quality and players’ interests;
    7. Details about system (hardware, software) in surveillance of service system; plan for data backup and equipment and connection-related backup; the process of operating, providing and using services; plan for protecting confidentiality and personal information of players; and
    8. Details about system (hardware, software) that protect information security and personal information of players; policy regarding cooperation between specialized agencies in ensuring information safety and security.
4. Conditions for script approval of G1 video games

In addition to the License for providing G1 video game services, the script for the G1 video game must be approved as a necessary condition for conducting a G1 video game service business.

Enterprises must comply with a series of strict conditions regarding licensing, script, and player information management to ensure safety and legal compliance, specifically as follows:

  1. Enterprises shall be issued with an authorization for a game script when the conditions below are satisfied:
    1. The License to provide video game services remains valid for at least 1 year;
    2. The game script does not violate the following:
      • Violations of exploiting the use of internet services and information on the network for purposes prohibited by law; and
      • Contains no images and sounds to murder; torture; acts inciting violence; lust; pornography; acts contrary to the ethical and cultural traditions and fine customs of the nation; acts distorting and destroying historical traditions; acts violating the sovereignty and integrity of territory; the abetting of suicide; use of drugs or alcohol; smoking; gambling; terrorism; abuse; trafficking of women and children; and other harmful or prohibited acts.
    3. The video-game age rating is suitable for the game script according to the Law.
  2. Have measures to manage player account information that meet the following requirements:
    1. Directly connect and synchronize the players’ information management system;
    2. Directly connect and synchronize the general game service payment system of the game provider; and
    3. Keep the playing history updated continuously and accurately, including: account name, playing time, information on ownership of virtual items, virtual currencies, and reward points of player.
5. Dossier for approval of contents and scripts of G1 video games

To receive approval for the contents and scripts of each G1 video game, the enterprise needs to prepare a detailed dossier, including a proposal application, copyright certification documents, a detailed game description, technical plans, and equipment for recording the distinctive images and sounds used in the game, specifically as follows:

  1. An application form for approval of contents and scripts (standard template);
  2. Copyright certificate and agreement on authorizing release of video games in Vietnam (valid copies thereof, including copies extracted from master register or certified true copies. If these documents are made in foreign languages, they shall be translated to Vietnamese and certified as true copies of the originals);
  3. Details of scripts of video games as follows:
    1. Name and origin of video games;
    2. Script details; system of characters, duties, maps (diagrams); virtual items, virtual, reward points; communications, combat between characters; payment, version; and
    3. Video-game age rating methods and results.
  4. Technical proposals, including:
    1. Specific address of place where the equipment system is located and name of server hosting provider (in case of server hosting); and
    2. Details about player information system in accordance with the regulations of Law.
  5. Devices recording images, activities, and typical sounds in the game: Photos of some types of character, some pictures of items, equipment for the characters; images and activities of characters on duty, particularly in the 5 highest levels (if any); combat actions between characters.

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Date: 09 July 2024

Writer: Thanh Huynh


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