How BLawyers Vietnam serves legal retainer service?

By this short article, BLawyers Vietnam would introduce about our legal retainer service (or legal monthly service) and how we support our clients (“Clients”) if requested.

legal retainer service

1. Introduction about legal retainer service

Legal retainer service is a service of hiring a qualified lawyer to frequently take care of an enterprise’s legal demand. This service is in high demand in Vietnam. From our experience, using legal retainer service could help Clients:

  1. mitigate legal risks by consulting an experienced lawyer, save time and expenses in daily legal works. Thus, the Clients can focus on their core business, long-term and sustainable development.
  2. have a solid legal team presented by an experienced lawyer to act as Clients’ separate legal department and hold responsibility for any legal issues arising during business operations.

2. Our scope of work for legal retainer service

BLawyers Vietnam’s lawyer will support a Client with the following works:

  1. Receiving the Client’s requests by phone, email or face-to-face meetings from time to time to provide legal opinions;
  2. Drafting, reviewing and sending legal advice and answering legal questions upon the Client’s requests from time to time;
  3. Preparing and reviewing documents for the issuance of decisions, business operations, labor management or internal governance of the Client (for example, meeting minutes of members’ council/ board of directors/ general meeting of shareholders, decisions of board of directors/ directors, labor contracts, training contracts, pay scales, etc.) in accordance with laws;
  4. Drafting, reviewing and sending letters, documents, official letters, letters of demand to third parties upon the Client’s requests from time to time;
  5. Taking care of periodical reports for employment (especially in case Client employing foreign employees), periodical reports for foreign loans (from the parent company, if any), or periodical reports for the Client’s business section, etc. that we can support the Client in preparing and submitting those reports on time;
  6. Giving advice on new laws and regulations of Vietnam and their relations to the Client’s activities, if requested;
  7. Joining the Client to negotiate, draft and/ or review types of contracts and other legal documents related to the Client’s business activities;
  8. Sending legal newsletters and updating highlighted legal news to the Client on monthly basis;
  9. Sending out samples of legal documents per the Client’s requests if they are available from a reliable source;
  10. In case where local authorities of Vietnam need to work with the Client to check documents/ information that the Client has submitted to those authorities, collaborating to work with them and report to the Client (of note, our task covers for legal part only); and
  11. Translating legal documents upon the Client’s requests from Vietnamese to English and vice versa.

At the end of the service month/ quarter, BLawyers Vietnam will send a summary report on the work to support the Client with detailed time for the Client to check and comment before issuing VAT invoices for the Client to make payment to BLawyers Vietnam.

3. Limitation to our legal retainer service

Please note that the scope of works as mentioned above does not include the following works:

  1. Negotiation, mediation and litigation works to resolve disputes which require BLawyers Vietnam to participate and/ or be present in courts, arbitration centers or State agencies to represent the Client;
  2. Project-based works (for example, obtaining license(s), permit(s) or approval(s) from the State authorities which is for the Client to implement business activities) that may be requested by the Client; and
  3. Preparation of non-legal documents for the Client’s regular operation from time to time.

If the Client requests the above works, BLawyers Vietnam will propose a new legal service contract for the Client to consider and accept.

4. Our service fee

Regarding our service fee, we could offer: (i) Monthly retainer service package (applying to Clients who demand to use the service regularly and continuously); or (ii) Annual retainer service package.

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