Legal update on August 2021 (Part 2)

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Our Vietnam Legal Update #174 would lead you on 03 legal issues:

I. Regulation on electricity price

On 06 August 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Circular No. 06/2021/TT-BTC for amending, supplementing several articles of the Minister of Industry and Trade’s Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BCT dated 29 May 2014 on regulations on electricity price with the following contents:

  • Amending the phrase “Electric retailers in industrial parks” into “Electric retailers in industrial parks, industrial clusters”.
  • Changing the phrase “a transformer and an amount of electricity” into “a transformer or an amount of electricity”.
  • Point b, clause 2, Article 9 is amended as follows: “b) Electricity used for general and community activities for residents in high-rise apartment buildings and urban areas; water pumps serving daily activities in collective quarters and residential blocks”.
  • Article 11 is amended to:

“Article 11. Electricity price in industrial parks that buy electricity from the national grid simultaneously with other power sources

Electricity retailers in industrial parks combine to buy electricity from the national grid simultaneously with other power sources (on-site power generation plants; purchase electricity from on-site power sources such as wind power, solar power, biomass power) to retail electricity to electricity-using customers in the industrial park is responsible for formulating the electricity price scheme for electricity-using customers in the area and submitting it to the Department of Industry and Trade for verification, then submit it to the province-level People’s Committee for approval annually.”

  • Article 14 is supplemented on regulations on wholesale electricity prices at the total meter for the portion of the electricity used in case of commercial – service – living complexes with electricity-using customers for hospitals, homes children, kindergartens, high schools, public lighting, administrative agencies, non-business units.
  • Amending provisions on wholesale price in industrial parks, industrial clusters.
  • Amending of responsibilities of Electricity Regulatory Authority.
  • Supplementing the responsibility of the Vietnam Electricity in reporting to the Electricity Regulatory Authority.
  • Abolishing the phrase “in charge of household registration” on Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BCT dated 29 May 2014.

II. PIT of Covid-19 testing expenses

On 05 August 2021, the Tax Department of Bac Giang Province issued Official Letter No. 3550/CTBGI-TTHT to guide on applying PIT to the Covid-19 testing expenses. The content is as follows:

Regarding the case when employers pay the Covid-19 testing expenses for employees:

  • If the expense contents specify the beneficiary’s name, this payment shall be included in the PIT taxable income.
  • If the expense contents do not specify the beneficiary’s name and such expenses are for a group of employees, this payment shall not be included in the PIT taxable income.

III. Deploying online public services to support employees, employers facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic on the National Public Service Portal

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs issued Official Letter No. 2582/LDTBXH-VP dated 6 August 2021 to deploy online public services to support employees and employers facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic on the National Public Service Portal. The newly deployed public services are:

  • Supporting employees who have suspended labor contracts or take unpaid leave;
  • Supporting employers to borrow capital to pay wages for the work stoppage, pay wages to restore production;
  • Supporting employees who are suspending working;
  • Supporting employees who have terminated labor contracts but are not eligible for unemployment benefits;
  • Suspending payment to the retirement and survivorship fund.

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