Legal update on December 2020 (Part 2)

Legal updates of BLawyers Vietnam

Our Vietnam legal update #141 would lead you on 03 legal issues:

I. Determining copies used to certify duplicates of the original passport

Ministry of Justice issued Official Letter No. 4330/BTP-HTQTCT dated 20 November 2020 responding citizens’ proposals on regulations on passport certification with the following contents:

  • Duplicates used to certify from the originals is copies of the originals. The certified copies from the originals must ensure principle of accuracy and completeness of information as the originals.
  • Copies used to certify duplicates of the original passport must have all of information pages of passport, including pages with visa information (except for pages without information).

II. Guiding on the case of arising work items out of the construction contract scope

Ministry of Construction issued Official No. 5526/BXD-KTXD dated 16 November 2020 guiding on the case of arising work items out of the construction contract scope as follows:

  • Adjustment of construction contracts must comply with the signed contract and in accordance with bidding documents, bids documents and the law.
  • In case the contractors performing package meet conditions on capacity, experience to implement additional work due to design adjustment, investors report to the investment deciders for consideration and decision on the addition of arising works basing on ensuring investment progress and efficiency of project. If the investment deciders approve, investors and contractors make an agreement on contract adjustment on the basis of signed contract, adjusted project and regarding regulations.

III. Strengthening the prevention and control over COVID-19 epidemic

On 02 December 2020, the Prime Minister issued Telegraph No. 1699/CD-TTg on strengthening the prevention and control over COVID-19 epidemic with the following main instructions:

  • The localities must strictly follow the strategy of controlling the source of infection from the outside, and thoroughly zoning off the epidemic. Provinces and cities must implement the mask-wearing mandate in crowded residential areas and public places such as supermarkets, schools, manufacturing facilities, etc., especially at medical facilities.
  • The Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Public Security continue to strengthen the border management, strictly manage entry activities, and thoroughly prevent cases of illegal entry.
  • Notably, the flights to carry diplomats, experts, investors, skilled employees and their relatives into Vietnam and transport Vietnamese employees to work abroad are allowed to continue operating.
  • Only allowing overseas Vietnamese to return home in necessary cases (even returning home during the Lunar New Year must be taken into consideration).
  • Continuing to put off activities and events gathering people if not needed. The organization of events and activities that have direct contact with people from overseas, especially high-risk countries, must be consulted by the health authorities.
  • In the event of an infection in the community, it is necessary to carry out social distancing in the high-risk area and zoning off. There should be no social distancing in a wide area disorderly which can adversely affect the life and production and business activities.

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