A new proposal of Vietnam’s Government for expats to be entered to Vietnam

At present, the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Vietnam has gradually become controllable.

So, the Vietnam Government is considering reopening international routes with some countries with high safety ability. As a result, the number of expats entering this country will be increase shapely. The authority is assessing some policies to adapt to the new situation, including foreigners’ obligations to pay for testing and quarantine fees.


At a meeting with some relevant agencies on 10 September 2020, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung proposed some policies as follows:

  1. Before boarding the flight to Vietnam, expats must have a negative test result from the host country about 3 days before. Then, they must comply with the quarantine measure after entering.
  2. In Vietnam, expats are quarantined in accommodation facilities for a suitable period. During this time, they will have two PCR tests. If the result is negative, they can go home and monitor at home.
  3. Expats shall pay for all testing and quarantine fees.

The above proposals firstly applied to officers holding official or diplomatic passports; international agencies and organizations; experts, managers, high-tech workers; investors and their relatives.

At the permanent meeting of the Government on the morning of 11 September 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave direction opinions regarding this matter. Accordingly, related authorities must plan for organizing entry, testing and quarantine for expats. Also, the authorities should increase the frequency of flights to take citizens back home and welcome expats into Vietnam. Regarding the collection of testing fees, there are many different opinions. So, the Prime Minister asked the Government Office to chair a meeting with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health to determine the appropriate level.

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