New requirement for the entry of foreign experts to Vietnam for working during Covid-19 period

The National Steering Committee for fighting and prevention of Covid-19 issued Official Letter No. 3949/CV-BCD dated 24 June 2020. Its contents regarded the entry of foreign experts (including investors, technical experts, highly-skilled employees, managers) to Vietnam for working.

Accordingly, the National Steering Committee Committee suggested Ministries, People’s Committees of cities, provinces to support foreign experts in completing procedures for entering Vietnam for working.

In addition, entities that invite experts must ensure:

  1. experts must make tests for SARS-CoV-2 by Real time-PCR technique from 03 to 07 days before entering Vietnam (at labs confirmed by the Government or WHO);
  2. experts have international medical insurances or those entities must commit to pay for treatment cost if they are infected with COVID-19; and
  3. those entities are responsible for ensuring the safety on fighting and prevention of Covid-19 when inviting foreign experts.

You can click to the below button to download the Vietnamese version of this Official Letter:

Official Letter # 3949/CV-BCD


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