Urgent letter of HCMC People’s Committee on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and fighting

Official Letter No. 2869/UBND-VX dated 30 July 2020 of Ho Chi Minh City People’s committee on suspending service units and restricting gatherings for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and fighting

This was an urgent letter from such authority, in which directed all departments, committees and bodies of Ho Chi Minh City as follows:

1. Proposing that bodies and authorities at all levels not be subjectively neglected to let disease outbreaks on a large scale, requesting Chairman/Chairwomen of People’s Committees of Districts, Wards – Communes – Towns to focus on leading and directing the prevention and fighting of epidemic; urgently review their local plans and projects of epidemic prevention and fighting in the new situation.

2. Proposing that people strictly to wear marks in public places and implement well epidemic prevention and fighting.

3. Temporarily holding off the organization of events with lots of people such as festivals, fairs, investment promotion conferences, other less urgent conferences and seminars, etc. Recommending on refraining from gathering in crowded places, such as weddings and funerals, etc. Not gathering more than 30 people in public places (outside of schools, hospitals, etc.).

4. Temporarily closing non-essential service businesses: bars and clubs.

5. Encouraging online meetings and conferences; strengthening application of information technology system to exchange and work online. For conferences that need to be organized directly (of the Party’s agencies, authorities, etc.), measures must be taken to prevent and fighting epidemic as prescribed by health sector.

Conducting checks of a body temperature and requesting to wear masks at entrance for all people who comes to the offices of the agencies and bodies.

For meetings: Participants must wear marks, refrain from shaking hands, and discussing at close range; wash hands before and after the meetings. Conducting cleaning of the meeting room, disinfecting surfaces and objects in contact with meeting participants after each meeting.

6. For essential activities of health sector such as blood donation organizations, they need to be continued and applied epidemic prevention and fighting measures as prescribed by health sector regulations during the implementation process.

7. Assigning the Department of Information and Communications to promote information and propaganda on the disease situation, developments, measures to prevent and fight epidemic and encourage people to stay alert, proactive and self-conscious in implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as wearing marks in public places, refraining from gathering when not necessary, washing hands often with soap, antiseptic liquids, etc.

8. The time for applying above measures from 0:00 on 31 July 2020 until further notice.

You can click to the below button to download the Vietnamese version of this Official Letter:

Official Letter # 2869/UBND-VX


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