To mitigate legal violations and other misconduct that may cause damage and risks to client’s companies and their executives, we offer compliance check and risk management services to our clients, such as creating a compliance program, conducting training sessions, setting up and maintaining external compliance hotlines, and assisting with legal check-ups. If there are any actual incidents, we will take prompt action regarding the relevant parties (customers, suppliers, employees, regulatory authorities, etc.).

Our services cover:
  • Establishment of compliance programs and conducting compliance training in some industries
  • Legal audits of company operations
  • External investigations to uncover wrongdoings in the corporation
  • Dealing with consumers and media
Matters in which our attorneys have been involved:
  • Supported in the establishment of compliance programs and conducting compliance training in some industries
  • Supported legal check-ups over companies’ operations by working with our clients’ compliance and internal audit departments
  • Conducted external investigations on finding wrongdoings in the corporation
  • Advised and supported our clients on the occurrence of misconduct until the resolution of the situation, including dealing with consumers and media means and submitting reports to the regulatory authorities
  • Advised a client on how to deal with unreasonable demands in connection with the recall of a product

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