Our attorneys worked on various litigation, arbitration, and negotiation matters. We also have a broad range of experience in general civil and commercial matters, including debt collection and claims for damage.

We also remain good relationships with competent authorities like Courts, Arbitration centers, police departments, and civil enforcement agencies in Vietnam during our support of clients.

Our services cover:
  • Product responsibility dispute
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Property dispute
  • Contract dispute
  • Real estate dispute
  • Litigation in business, commerce, and civil
  • Arbitration in business and commerce
Matters in which our attorneys have been involved:
  • Represented clients in negotiations and dispute resolution with other parties (s) before or during the legal proceedings;
  • Handled disputes regarding agreements on constructions (FIDIC contracts);
  • Acted as authorized representative and/or defending lawyer of clients in the legal actions related to civil/tort, commercial & business, labor, and administrative cases;
  • Supported clients in handling debt collection, from negotiation, litigation/ arbitration to enforcement. We always tried our best to settle debt collection cases on negotiation phrases, which would save time and costs for our clients.

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